allowing god to use me to ignite the power in the human spirit... power to Be who you were called to be. 

Hello! I'm Jasmine B.

 If you've landed on my page; chances are you want to get to know me. Well, I'm your personal coach & purpose strategist! My role is to help you manifest the life you desire; mentally, spiritually & physically.  

I traded my corporate career in accounting and decided to manifest my dreams in helping others do exactly that. We only live one life and I believe God intended us to live this life with fullness and joy in purpose and on purpose.




Are you ready to elevate higher, seek excellence and becoming the woman you were born to be? 

My definition of a woman on the rise is a woman who is willing to boldly live her best life. She is open and ready to tap into her power to grow personally; mentally, spiritually and physically. 

A woman on the rise seeks to break the class ceilings, walk in her purpose and be her whole self while doing it. 

However it is not always an easy process and there may be some things you need to walk through before moving forward powerfully. 

In my own process I've had to walk through some challenges to fully tap into my power. And when I finally did it, I stopped passing through myself and began to be with myself in an entirely different way. Now I am authentically walking through life in my purpose which is helping you reach that greater level. 

With me; you will learn the tools, principles and how to apply them. This is a roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty process. If you do nothing than, nothing happens. 


There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to


RISE Coaching 

For the woman who desires one on one coaching. This program focuses on spiritual elevation through self and mindset mastery.  The purpose is to elevate higher into being the best version of yourself no matter where you are in life. 

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