About Jasmine B.



Jasmine is a life coach, purpose strategist + entrepreneur. She provides one on one coaching, virtual workshops and training for revolutionary woman who desire personal growth for themselves and their professional lives. She has worked with various organizations, facilitating workshops, and coaching individuals through rigorous programs. 

Her professional background in Accounting + New York University masters degree in Strategy & Leadership has provided her the tools and training to lead other entrepreneurs through their personal self discovery that not only elevates them but also how they navigate through the process of fulfilling their purpose. 

Her mission is to teach women to create their best life by seeking wholeness,building confidence and fulfilling their dreams and desires. 


Gratitude's Corner

My experience of having Jasmine B. as a coach was special to say the least. I felt as though my goals became her goals. As someone who comes from a business background, I was the founder and she was the CEO of my vision and mission. She was especially patient with me in the areas that I had trouble finding rhythm. Which were also the areas that meant the most to me. One of the biggest thing that happened for was in reference to finance. I had two goals which I am forever grateful she supported me on. To pay off debt and increase my income. She motivated me so much I was able to exceed my income goals by $20,000 and also work with my family to also pay off debt for themselves. Jasmine's coaching skills are transcending, created room and space for me to coach others in the process. I absolutely recommend her services to anyone that I believe want to see results. 

Ola Aiyedun, Songwriter and Entrepreneur

As an young entrepreneur, I am tasked with being a well rounded leader, and sometimes even knowing it all, even though realistically fear gets in the way. Jasmine has skillfully talked me through my strategic planning, and I've been able to use her feedback to implement key programming in my organization, such as a summer education series for mental health workers. Jasmine assistance specifically looked at identifying my personal barriers that inhibited my professional goals. Jasmine support has been so instrumental that I have invited her numerous times to conduct workshops with my organizations patients. 

Dr.Florence Saint-Jean, Nonprofit ED 

"In all my years of experience, some people stand out for their great qualities and Jasmine is one of those people. Through an experiential leadership training, I was granted the opportunity to experience Jasmine elevate a team through her tenacious way of recognizing and activating each persons' talent. While it was not an easy task, she showed a great deal of patience and empathy towards all team members while helping us all persevere through every challenge at hand. If it wasn't for Jasmine's constant support, I do not think I would have had the guts to start my blog page which eventually developed into a culinary brand. I’m forever grateful for her wisdom and look forward to growing communty of leaders she’s going to give life to in the coming years."

Anthony Brown, Client Account Manager

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